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East Midlands Contractors Ltd, specialise in a wide range of road repair services. These include Tar Macadam laying and repairs to public and private roads, forecourts to industrial premises, including private and public car parks.

In addition we have extensive expertise in white and coloured lining for all types of locations and requirements. These include public roads, cycle tracks, public and private car parks. We also produce patterned lining such as restricted cross hatching to indicate no parking areas. We also white line car parking bays and produce industry approved tarmac signs such as disabled indicators and other road painted indication signs.

We also carry out road surface repairs followed by tar and chipping, knows as surface dressing.  East Midlands Contractors Ltd have carried many varied sized tar and chipping projects for both UK Local authorities, private, business and domestic driveways.

Due to low winter temperatures many roads become subject to ice, causing freeze cracking of the surface which leads to holes appearing in the carriageway, these are know as potholes.  

East Midlands Contractors Ltd can carry out expert pothole repairs that will be reasonably priced and professionally repaired for a long life repair. This extends the life of the existing surface before a full resurface.

East Midlands Contractors Ltd can also lay standard or ornamental slabs, or block paving. The latter is ideal for driveways and car parks.

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive selection of road surfacing services throughout the United Kingdom. Our exceptional services are available to all.

We will guarantee a like for like genuine quote..
All our work carries an extensive warranty.

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